Mistakes musicians make with their live show

Those who have made it in the live performance music industry will tell you that the only way that you can make a name for yourself and improve your music is by playing shows, and they must be many of them. We all know that performing is an art in itself and that for one to master it, they must put in a lot of effort. But many musicians or live performers commit the following mistakes which may end up ruining their development in live music performance. Let us look at some of the mistakes musicians commit when they are holding their live shows, and how one can overcome them.rtghnggfbgef

Common mistakes musicians make with their show

Taking too long in between songs

You maybe chatting up the audience, introducing the next song or even tuning your guitar. It is advisable that you keep the gap between your music as brief as possible when you are doing your set. Do not commit such a mistake because if you have an extensive lag time between one song or the other, you are most likely to lose the attention of your audience. Ensure that you give your audience music but not a presentation of sentimental ballads to your girl friend.

Tuning while the amp is on

No individual anywhere the world over, in whatever show wants to hear a musician tuning their instrument. If you are using a guitar, it is advisable that you purchase a pedal tuner so that you can use it. For guitar players, it is advisable that one invests in a good pedal tuner because it will not only help you adjust your instrument quickly and discreetly when you are on stage it will also give you service for quite some time.

Starting your performance late or overplaying your allotted time

When you start your live performance late, you are giving your audience an opportunity to be bored from the word go. Being late for your performance also is rude to the sound engineers the other performers who are waiting for their turn, the club and above all the fans that have paid for your show. Additionally, you should not play longer than your allotted time by so doing you will be ruining the schedule of the entire event.

Not respecting the others gear on stage

fghnbfdfghIf you are performing in a place that you are more than one group like the 2009 pop music shows, you should always respect the other people’s gear. For instance, you should not place a beer or anything else on another band’s backline amp. When on stage, do not climb on PA speakers, don’t swing microphones using their cables do not kick the microphone stands or even spill your drink on anything which does not belong to you. Always ensure that you use common sense and that you are respective to other people’s property.

Complaining to the audience

It is not in the good interest of you or your audience or even the event organizers to complain or talking to the audience about your problems. They don’t care whether you are drunk, sick or anything else about you, all they want is to have a good time since they have paid for it. The best thing to do is give your best performance.…

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