The Dangers Associated With Water Damage

Water damage affects thousands of homeowners today. With the effects of water damage being real, some people do not see the importance of dealing with water damage. As such, they often end up only cleaning the mess if they notice any signs of water damage, expecting it to dry soon enough. This should not be the case as water damage can be dangerous, particularly when it is not dealt with appropriately.

Risks associated with water damage

Health risksasWAsZDSD

Water damage creates some dampness. This is the main reason why it poses a health risk to the occupants of a home affected by water damage. How is this? Damp conditions offer the perfect environment for the growth of mold and some disease-causing fungus.

The growth of mold in any poses a serious health hazard. Mold triggers allergic reactions like asthmatic attacks, headaches, rashes, nausea, and many others when inhaled. If no one in your home is allergic to mold, these problems might not trouble you a lot at first. Continued exposure to mold also leads to severe disorders in our immune system and even some cancers. To ensure the quality of your life is not affected, act fast.

Structural risks

Water damage is not good for your home as well. These risks can be worse if the problem is not acted upon fast. Water damage often leads to structural instability. If you live in a wooden house, water damage makes wood warp, swell or even rot when it is not addressed. This can make the ceiling and some walls to collapse. This should be the last thing to think about especially if some is trapped inside when it happens.

sDcSADaDScMoreover, water damage can also lead to electrical issues. Everyone knows that water and electricity can form a deadly combination. Not dealing with water damage makes your home susceptible to house fires, which can take your lifetime investment down in an instant.

Dealing with water damage in Marietta

Looking at the risks associated with not giving water damage the seriousness it deserves, you should be convinced that working with water clean up Marietta experts is the way to go. An experienced team ensures that no stone remains unturned during the remediation exercise. Their experience allows them to leave your home in the state it was before water damage. Besides, they also offer recommendations and solutions aimed at preventing re-occurrence.…

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How To Successfully Manage A Home Flooding Disaster?

If your home has suffered extensive water damage due to some mechanical breakdown or a natural disaster, you will only have a very short amount of time to salvage your belongings and valuables. This is especially important when it comes to electrical equipment and furniture.

Actions to take after flooding

Act quickly

Keep in mind that the first 24 hours will be critical to the proper water damage management and remediation. While there are some things you could do on your own to salvage some of your belongings, in the end, you will most likely have to hire the services of a flood cleanup company. When it comes to doing as much as you can on your own, we will provide you with some tips on how to manage a flooding disaster at home.werwerwrw.

Turn off your electricity-based tech

When a flood strikes your home, your number one priority should be to turn off all your electric equipment and shut down the electricity that goes into your home. You are probably perfectly aware that electricity and standing water are a recipe for disaster. Not only will you risk losing all your electric equipment, but also the lives of everyone in the house, as well.

Depending on how bad the water damage is, your electronics, such as your telephones, computers or TVs, may still be salvageable, but only if you call the professionals within the first 24 hours.

When it comes to the other equipment in your home, this is what you should do:

  1. Insert plugs in all your showers, baths and basins and weigh them down.
  2. Ensure that all the inlet pipes on dishwashers and washing machines are turned off
  3. Try plugging the toilet bowl with a large towel, or by putting a sandbag in it.
  4. Once the flood water recedes, do not forget to remove these precautions, so as to allow the water to drain quickly.


To minimize the growth of mildew and toxic mold, start ventilating all the areas of your house ASAP. Do this even if you have standing water.

Protect the floors

When it comes to the damage caused by water, your floors will be among the most heavily damaged elements. In this situation, your best option would be to use a carpet cleaner with enough suction, so as to dry out the floors and carpets. However, if you don’t have a strong enough carpet cleaner, you should let the professionals handle this problem. If you don’t act quickly enough, the flooring underneath and the padding will become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold.


Useful drying equipment

To quicken up the process of drying, make sure to open all your drawers and closet doors to let the air circulate. In this case, it would be a good thing to have big fans or a humidifier around, which could be used to keep the air on the move. During winter time, you could use a heater, while during the summer, you could use your air conditioning system to dry out soaked thing. However, keep in mind not to use these devices until it is safe to turn on the electricity.…

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